Winning is nothing short of hard work, determination, skills, charisma, and survival. Sure, luck happens, but it's your call on how to use that luck. Out here, it's like a game of Chess. Strategy, take your losses, use everything to your personal gain. Know when to step up, know when to back down. Play your cards right, and you will come out on top. I won't settle for less.

–Lelouch Lamperouge, Variety 2


In order to be the Sole Survivor, the castaway must be not be removed from the game until the Final Tribal Council. Then, the castaway must get the most Jury votes among the finalists that also reached the Final Tribal Council, which consists of 2 or 3 castaways.

List of Sole SurvivorsEdit

Season Winner Runner(s)-up Jury Vote
Survivor: The Hundred Acre Woods Ss1w Pooh Ss1g Gopher 3-1
Survivor: Elwood Ss2s Sue Ellen Ss2br Brain 3-1
Survivor: USA Abelinc Abraham Lincoln Taft William Howard Taft 4-3
Survivor: Sound Stage Elvis Elvis Presley Paulsimon Paul Simon 4-0
Survivor: Bikini Bottom Squidward Design 2 Squidward Tentacles Plankton-poses-4 Plankton 3-1
Survivor: Doctors Firstdr William Hartnell 4thdr Tom Baker 3-1
Survivor: Sesame Street Grover Grover Oscar Oscar 4-0
Survivor: All-Stars Abelincoln Abraham Lincoln Simon Paul Simon 6-2
Survivor: Panem Peeta Peeta Mellark Finnick Finnick Odair 6-1
Survivor: Magic Islands Tylerturkey Tyler Ridgeway Charley Charley Dee 5-3
Survivor: Space Pluto Pluto Mars Mars 4-0
Survivor: Second Chances Thomas Thomas Jefferson Noahas Noah Mason 5-3
Survivor: Sound Stage 2 Waterss Roger Waters Bieber Justin Bieber 8-0-0
Kanye Kanye West
Survivor: Gravity Falls Stan Stan Pines Dipperp Dipper Pines 3-2
Survivor: Green Hill Tailsp Miles "Tails" Prower Shadowh Shadow the Hedgehog 6-3
Survivor: Japan - Blood vs. Water Shinya Shinya Kogami L L Lawliet 6-2-0
Mei Mei Misaki
Survivor: Disneyland Dumbo Dumbo Pete Pete 4-3
Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites Lfvf L Lawliet Blazefvf Blaze the Cat 4-4;
Survivor: Springfield Bart2 Bart Simpson Skinner Seymour Skinner 4-4-1;
Barney Barney Gumble
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Lhvv L Lawliet Watershvv Roger Waters 4-4-1;
Tailshvv Tails Prower
Survivor: Recycled Belle Belle Misa Misa Amane 5-2
Survivor: Hollywood Clint Clint Eastwood Scarlettj Scarlett Johansson 5-4-0
Jennifer Jennifer Lawrence
Survivor: Bar Juice Juice Distilled Distilled Beverage 4-3
Survivor: Exploration Rescue Rescue Pack Brc Big Red Chicken 5-2
Survivor: Variety Sinatra2 Frank Sinatra Velma Velma Dinkley 3-3-2;
Shaggy Shaggy Rogers
Survivor: Kanto Snorlax Snorlax Ditto Ditto 5-4-0
Bulbasauer Bulbasaur
Survivor: Tatooine Skywalker Luke Skywalker Vader Anakin Skywalker 3-3-2;
Leia Leia Organa Solo
Survivor: Back to Japan - Blood vs. Water Tomoyo Tomoyo Daidouji Sakurak Sakura Kinomoto 4-3-1
Natsu Natsu Dragneel
Survivor: Peanutland Marcie Marcie Schroeder Schroeder 4-3
Survivor: Second Chances 2 Sakakibara Kouichi Sakakibara Shakespeare William Shakespeare 5-3-2
Ichinose Haru Ichinose
Survivor: Marvel Universe Emmafrost Emma Frost Magneto Magneto 4-3
Survivor: DC Universe Harley Harley Quinn Hawkman Hawkman 7-0
Survivor: Counter Top Larry Larry the Cucumber Nezzer Nebby Nezzer 5-2
Survivor: Johto Delibird Delibird Cyndaquil Cyndaquil 5-2-2
Spinarak Spinarak
Survivor: Japan Triplicate - Best of Friends Satsuki Satsuki Kiryuin Ryuko Ryuko Matoi 6-4
Survivor: Irk Gaz Gaz Membrane Gir Gir 4-3
Survivor: Shire Bilbo Bilbo Baggins Aragornlp Aragorn II Elessar 6-1-0
Gollum Smeagel "Gollum"
Survivor: Gameworld Lara Lara Croft Chell Chell 4-1-1
Pacman Pac-Man
Survivor: Sound Stage 3 Ji Jim Morrison Hall Daryll Hall 4-2-2
Kurt Kurt Cobain
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 2 Ichinosehvv Haru Ichinose Sinatrahvv Frank Sinatra 5-2-2
Girhvv Gir
Survivor: Variety 2 Lelouch2 Lelouch Lamperouge Handel George Frideric Handel 4-3-1
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Survivor: Arklay Mountains Claire Claire Redfield Rebecca Rebecca Chambers 4-3
Survivor: Skyrim Serana Serana Tullius General Tullius 5-4-0
Frea Frea
Survivor: Retroville Libby Liberty "Libby" Folfax Betty Betty Quinlan 7-0
Survivor: Equestria Rd Rainbow Dash Pp Pinkie Pie 4-2-1
Ts Twilight Sparkle
Survivor: Arena Undertaker The Undertaker Nikki Nikki Bella 7-0
Survivor: Dimmsdale Mama Mama Cosma Vicky Vicky 4-3-0
Veronica Veronica
Survivor: Reusable Moira Moira Burton Emmas Emma Stone 7-1
Survivor: Sound Stage 4 George George Michael Prince Prince 4-2-2
Robert Robert Plant
Survivor: Game Changers Lelouchgc Lelouch Lamperouge Scroogegc Scrooge McDuck 7-2-0
Moiragc Moira Burton
Survivor: Continental Warfare Kyary Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Gordonr Gordon Ramsay 6-2-0
Georgel George Lucas
Survivor: Broadway - Blood vs. Water Velmak Velma Kelly Jud Jud Fry 6-2-0
Glinda Glinda Upland
Survivor: Pawnee Ron Ron Swanson Andy Andy Dwyer 5-2
Survivor: Earthrealm Reptile Reptile Goro Goro 4-2-2
Liu Liu Kang
Survivor: Second Chances 3 Barrysc Barry Burton Mileenasc Mileena 5-3-1
Paigesc Paige
Survivor: Vocaloids Luka Megurine Luka Miku Hatsune Miku 6-1
Survivor: Camelot Lamorak Lamorak Lancelot Lancelot 6-2
Survivor: New Zack Island Genfu Gen Fu Bass Bass Armstrong 5-2-2
Leifang Leifang
Survivor: Hoenn Mudkip Mudkip Anorith Anorith 6-2-1
Tropius Tropius
Survivor: Hollywood 2 Chuck Chuck Norris Travolta John Travolta 4-2-2
Tomk Tom Kenny
Survivor: Recycled Triplicate Mayu MAYU Jackn Jack Nicholson 4-3-1
Geddy Geddy Lee
Survivor: The New All-Stars Gordonnas Gordon Ramsay Lukanas Megurine Luka 4-3-1
Chucknas Chuck Norris
Survivor: Delmarva Peridotd Peridot Pearld Pearl 7-0
Survivor: Underworld Sans Sans Papyrus Papyrus 4-3
Survivor: World Wide Web Doug Doug Walker Jamesr James Rolfe 4-4;
Survivor: Monster Island Rodan Rodan Anguirus Anguirus 7-0
Survivor: Forbidden Forest Lunal Luna Lovegood Harry Harry Potter 4-3-2
Hagrid Rubeus Hagrid
Survivor: The Streets Ryusf Ryu Akuma Akuma 4-2-2
Guile Guile
Survivor: Variety 3 Markipli Mark Fishbach Rinv3 Kagamine Rin 5-2-2
Tomv3 Tom Kenny
Survivor: A New Japan - Blood vs. Water Kanna Kanna Kamui Komari Komari Koshigaya 6-4
Survivor: Horror Pinhead Pinhead Sadako Sadako Yamamura 4-3
Survivor: Ivalice Rinoa Rinoa Heartilly Cloud Cloud Strife 8-1-0
Cecil Cecil Harvey
Survivor: Supermarket Colonel Colonel Sanders Mrclean Mr. Clean 7-0
Survivor: Vocaloids 2 Anon anon Yukari Yuzuki Yukari 5-3-0
Yuki Kaai Yuki
Survivor: City Antipops Malum "Anti-Pops" Kranus Pops Mega "Pops" Kranus 6-1
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 3 Lightninghvv Lightning Farron Sadakohvv Sadako Yamamura 7-1-1
Sataniahvv Satania McDowell
Survivor: Lucifenia - Re Birthday Maec Ma Elluka Elluka Clockworker 7-1-1
Gumillia Gumillia
Survivor: Upside Down Eleven Jane "Eleven" Hopper Joyce Joyce Byers 7-0
Survivor: Liberty City Claude Claude Speed Luis Luis Lopez 7-0
Survivor: Back to Gameworld Spyo Spyro the Dragon Conker Conker Squirrel 5-2-0
Kairi Kairi
Survivor: Morioh Speedwagon Robert E.O. Speedwagon Iggy Iggy 8-1-0
Jotaro Jotaro Kujo
Survivor: Recycled - Re Birthday Rlily Riliane "Lily" Mouchet Umaru Umaru Doma 5-4-0
Arth Arth Lucifen d'Autriche
Survivor: Second Chances 4 Bobsc4 Bob Newby Monikasc Monika 4-3-2
Butchsc Butch Hartman
Survivor: Inaba Mariep Marie Naoto Naoto Shirogane 4-3-2
Yukarit Yukari Takeba
Total Drama Survivor Owenl Owen Sadietd Sadie 6-2-0
Tylertd Tyler
Survivor: Academy City Shokuhou Shokuhou Misaki Uiharu Uiharu Kazari 7-0
Survivor Smash Bros. Mewtwo Mewtwo Lucina Lucina 7-2-0
Chrom Chrom
Survivor: Variety 4 P3v4 "Makoto Yuki" P4v4 "Yu Narukami" 7-2-0
Pokemontrainer Pokemon Trainer
Survivor: Academy City Herman Herman Post Dad James "Doc" Arbuckle 5-2


  • There have been fifty-three male winners and thirty-three female.
  • Abraham, L, and Lelouch are the only people to win twice. Ironically, all three of their last names begin with L.
  • Fourteen winners have also won Player of the Season.
  • Thirteen people have won unanimously. Of these; Grover, Harley Quinn, Peridot, and Colonel Sanders were the only players to ever play a "perfect game", not receiving any votes against them and receiving every Jury vote.
  • On six different occasions, a tie was reached at Final Tribal Council. Depending on the number of finalists, the tie was broken in one of two ways.
    • In Fans vs. Favorites and World Wide Web, the Jury held a live revote for the winner. Miguel and Hannah, being the first Jury members, were removed from the Jury and unable to revote. Nobody switched their votes.
    • In Springfield, Heroes vs. Villains, Variety, and Tatooine, the third place finalist was added to the Jury and cast the winning vote for one of the final two. These voters have been Barney Gumble, Miles "Tails" Prower, Shaggy Rogers, and Leia Organa Solo.
      • Both of L's victories resulted from a tie.