Good Old Merge is the fourth episode of Survivor: Power Rangers.

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Reward: Death Maze

Each individual would fight for their lives to try and get through the maze. The first person to get to the middle wins.

Reward: A pie delivered to your camp.

Winner: Leanbow

Immunity: Jetpacks

Each individual would have a jetpack race. The first person to make it to the finish line won immunity.

Winner: Solaris


Day 11: The Punch tribe woke up with only two people remaining, and saw a canoe emerging. It landed at their beach, and they saw it was the Kick tribe. They realized it was the merge and celebrated. They named the merged tribe "Mystic Force". The only two people that were focusing on the game were Yellow Ranger and Solaris.

Day 13: At the reward challenge, the contestants were quite disturbed that they were fighting for their lives to get a piece of paper in the middle of a maze. So everybody forfeited the challenge except for Leanbow and Solaris, who both were close to winning but Leanbow pulled out the win when he shot Solaris with a tazer gun that he found.

Day 15: At the immunity challenge, Solaris won because it was a jetpack race and he designed jetpacks for a living.

Before Tribal Council, Kick Tribe decided to stay together but their only voting option was Blue Ranger, because Solaris won Immunity. He posed no threat to them, but he would win if he made it to the Final Tribal Council.

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 4:

Mystic Force



Blue Ranger (3 votes)

Green Ranger, Leanbow &
Yellow Ranger.

Green Ranger (2 votes)
Blue Ranger & Solaris.
Blue Ranger